MoxxiMod is a multi-dimensional Outwar tool. It includes visual improvements, features, and shortcuts for players to more efficiently browse, manage and analyze Outwar. It creates a seemless platform for players to find the information that they need accross the game and supports faster processing for quick decision making and strategy. For more information on MoxxiMod or for setup, find us on Discord. MoxxiMod is a proprietary open-source script that is owned by Studio Moxxi. It should not be hosted or advertised anywhere other than Studio Moxxi. Users are free to modify the code however they'd like to personalize it to their needs. Premium features are available by subscribing to Moxximod+ on Patreon.
Moxximod Features
Moxxivision: A char-management tool that's built into Outwar using Moxximod. It provides a comprehensive data table for your RGA including more than 350 live data-points per char. Data refreshes everytime Moxxivision loads to include up-to-date information on every char. All data is sortable to better analyze individual char needs. Supplies can be maxed on an entire RGA using Moxxivision and Moxxivision will display available long-spawn mobs needed to complete important quests. Moxximod+ subscribers can load multiple RGAs into Moxxivision at the same time and can select and attack available longspawn mobs directly from Moxxivision. Subsribers can also mass-manage backpacks using Moxxivision's equip and vault features.
Moxxivision RGA Analyzer: Create a report from multiple RGAs to view total and average stats of all chars on the RGAs in table form.
Skills Tab: A small page element is added to the right-side of every Outwar page that displays all active skills and potions currently cast. The skills tab can be turned on or off on the player preferences page.
Automation: Moxximod performs several tasks automatically while Outwar is being played: Collect free tokens, cast on guard, max supplies. Each automated feature can be turned on or off on the player preferences page.
Server Switching: Instead of navigating through the My RGA page, Moxximod adds an easy Switch Server button to the toolbar. The button can be turned on or off on the player preferences page.
Alert Tiles: Alert Tiles are advanced Outwar notifications that are not otherwise available anywhere. Alert Tiles display on the Outwar homepage and on the toolbar at the top of the page. They can be turned on or off on the player preferences page. Notifications include gladiators, god spawns, brawl, boss spawns, supplies, strength, veiled mobs, hovok, corvok, chaos golems, active trades, and recent raids. Each notification can be turned on or off based on preference.
Fast Travel: Added to the Outwar left-hand menu is a fast travel feature that includes 19 locations around the OW world that can be fast traveled to with one click. Moxximod+ subscribers have an additional 8 locations they can use and have the ability to create a custom fast travel location on the player preferences page.
Toolbar Currency Icon: The points and gold icons have been consolidated into one image. On mouseover, the points image will display playerbound points, premium points, free tokens, premium tokens, skill points, badge reps, amulets, and gold.
Homepage: Outwar's homepage has been completely rebuilt by Moxximod and includes new player information and helpful tools. Top-100 player rankings display on the homepage, in addition to player's equipment to more easily access gear. Additionally, homepage player data includes God Slayer needs and a Max Rage Analysis tool which calculates item gains when gemming for Max Rage buffs. The Outwar level char is also on the homepage.
Item Links: When viewing an item's item link, elemental damage augments will display as green augment data instead of adding directly to the item stats. Additionally, if you mouseover an open gem slot on an item, you can see what the stats of the item will be if gemmed. Weekly boosters will also display the expiration date and time in addition to the number of minutes remaining.
Oracles: Added shortcut images when activating an oracle to more easily select the correct god. Oracles will also automatically forward to the Outwar message after activating to view the outcome of the oracle.
Item Transferring: The item transfer page has been cleaned up. Item categories that don't contain items will be hidden. A default transfer-to character can also be selected for faster item moving.
Crew Vaults: Crew vault managers (chars with crew vault access) can now type a char name to award to instead of scrolling through the player dropdown. Additionally, when selecting items in crew vault, the selected items will display in the menu to better track what has been selected. The menu also displays the total number of items displayed to make counting faster when awarding certain quantities. Several quick-select options have been added to the crew vault including Ethereal, Foundry Augs, Life Forces, Soul Gems, Wilker Quest Items, Wonderland Equipment, and Wonderland Potions. These quick-select tools make it easier to bulk-select items from different categories.
Item Trading: Trade pages have been cleaned up. Item categories that don't contain items will be hidden. You can set a default trade quantity to automatically set the item quantity value when trading bulk items.
God Status Page: The god status page has been redesigned to show Outwar's most important gods at the top of the page and tiered in order based on importance.
Outwar Menu: The left-hand menu has been redesigned and reorganized so that page links are in more sensible categories. Moxximod+ subscribers are able to fully customize the links in each category and can add up to 10 total links per category.
Crew Profiles: Crew Profiles have been completely rebuilt and now display crew power, elemental damage, attack, hit point, chaos, wilderness, and growth data. Crew member tables on crew profiles have 4 sortable tabs: Stats, Equipment, Items, and Skills.
Sticky Char Changing: When changing chars using the char dropdown menu, the current outwar page will stay the same. For example, if on the vault page and char is changed, the new char will also be on the vault page. This feature can be turned on or off in the player preferences page.
Moxximod Raid Results: New tab added to crew raid results provides a more thorough overview of raid data including how many chars died in the raid, total damage done, average damage per char, block rate, elemental block rate, elemental shield rate, total attacks, number of rounds, if SIN was active, health remaining, and loot received.
Outwar World / DC: The World page has been fully redesigned. Char equipment now displays directly on the world page. In addition to using a-s-d-w keys to change rooms, mobs can now be attacked using the number keys. Mob attacks no longer display in a new tab or shadowbox but directly in the room details tab which drastically speeds up mob attacking. Wilderness can also be loaded directly into the world for easier wilderness attacking. When a char moves to a room that contains a long-spawn mob, they will be able to case Haste directly from the room instead of navigating to through the skills pages. A new search bar has been added below room details which can be used to search for a quest mob or quest item and find the correct corresponding room number. When activating the quest helper (building a path) Moxximod adds an Auto Move button which will automatically follow the path created (note, auto mover will stop if the path breaks). Moxximod+ subscribers can use this tool to automatically move directly to the room containing a quest mob, quest item, or room number. Moxximod+ subscribers can also attack certain mobs, such as gladiators, a specific number of times automatically. Subscribers can also click an icon added to the quest helper and move directly to that quest mob to complete a quest. Moxximod+ subscribers can attack all mobs inb a room by typing alt-x. Subscribers can mass-attack Wilderness. The Moxximod+ multi-char mover allows players to select and move multiple chars on their RGA to the same room with one click.
PVP Brawl: Critical char data has been added to the brawl page. This includes important skill data, time remaining on skills, and char power. Char power is color-coded based on how it compares to your power which is helpful when deciding who to cast skills on and when to attack. The default Brawl page view now hides all players who have already been attacked 10 times, but can be shown by clicking "SHOW ALL". Moxximod+ subscribers also have the ability to one-click-attack a player 10 times and can trigger "waits" on players to attack them immediately when their COP skill expires.
Server Bosses: The server boss homepage has been remodeled and now displays the total damage dealt on active bosses, leading crew damage, and health remaining. When viewing individual boss pages, boss loot, health remaining, and current damage-per-minute can be viewed. Additionally, Each crew has additional details available including estimated total damage, estimated total items, current raid status (active or inactive), their last damage dealt to the boss, and how much time is remaining on their markdown. When a boss is dead, each crew's loot now displays in table format (instead of mouseover) and rare items are highlighted in new colors.
Add Augments: When adding augments to an item, the default augment slot will automatically be the first open slot instead of always being slot 1.
Skill and Potion Panel: Moxximod+ subscribers can click the skill and potion panel icon on the toolbar to load all available skills and potions on the char in an easy-to-use panel. Each skill and potion can be selected and then bulk-cast with one click.
Dungeon Page: The price per item in tokens and US$ now displays directly on the dungeon page.
Crew Raiding: Moxximod+ subscribers can raid crew raid mobs directly from the Crew Homepage. 31 mobs are available to select from and choose chars to raid. Each crew can have a char group saved for easy selection.
Quest Log: Every quest in the quest log has a fast-move button to move directly to the quest mob. Moxximod+ subscribers can use this button to more quickly navigate questing on Outwar.
RGA Switching Dropdown: Moxximod+ subscribers can create a custom RGA fast-swtiching dropdown menu that displays next to the char dropdown menu. RGA dropdowns can include as many RGAs as you want and can be added and updated on the player preferences page.
Outwar Visual Customizations and Themeing: Moxximod+ subscribers can fully customize their Outwar theme by adding their own wallpaper and changing background, table, text, and link colors.
RGA Chaos Reports: Moxximod+ subscribers can generate an RGA Chaos Report which is sent via Discord and includes all available chaos ore quests on the RGA.
RGA Badge Reports: Moxximod+ subscribers can generate an RGA Badge Report which is sent via Discord and includes all available badge reputation quests on the RGA.
Underling Reports: Moxximod+ subscribers can generate an RGA Underling Report which is sent via Disocrd and includes all underling information for each char on the RGA.
RGA Rune Reports: Moxximod+ subscribers can generate an RGA Rune Report which is sent via Disocrd and includes all available rune upgrade quests for chars level 85+ on the RGA.
RGA Enhancements Reports: Moxximod+ subscribers can generate an RGA Enhancements Report which is sent via Disocrd and includes all enhancements that have been purchased and that still need to be purchased on the RGA.
Chaos Arena Teleporters: Moxximod+ subscribers can automatically complete the Arena Chaos Teleporter quests on their RGA with one button click.